Our Team

Creative team

Who we are.

We are a group of humans with a shared goal

Armin Sadeghi

Partner Software Engineer

Learning from the best on the Excel team at Microsoft, creating new businesses & growing existing ones – Armin has consistently pursued his goal of building and developing teams that adopt best practice product development.

Adam Aflalo

Partner Product Manager

From his first product in 2006, to ASX listed companies and startups in Melbourne & London, Adam empowers collaborative, high performing teams to create valuable products that users love.

Nigel Thorne

Principal Software Engineer

Nigel believes that truly great software can be made that empowers people with new capabilities to help them reach their goals, while being a joy to use. Since 1997, Nigel has worked to create great software and build high functioning teams, that deliver quality software rapidly, to realise business value much earlier in the development lifecycle.

Patrick Smith

Senior Software Engineer & Designer

Patrick has 11 years experience in full stack development, 5 of these included
a dual role as a designer. A startup person, Patrick designed and built InfinityList.com, which at its peak received 400K visits and 1.4M page views per month.

Guy Inbar

Principal Product Manager

A 20 year Product Manager, Guy has led & taught Product. Guy has a keen interest in initiating, designing and building solutions that are loved, deliver value and are commercially viable. He loves Discovery & using a Build- Measure – Learn approach to work with teams to build great Products.

Benjamin Tse

Lead Software Engineer

A 23 year veteran, Ben has a deep technical competency & understanding of best practices in product development. He has trained and supported teams in projects to re-architect products, and build environments and processes.

Nicholas Krul

Senior Software Engineer

With 15 years full stack experience, Nic has a firm understanding of how to build Product within large organisations. From Product Companies (Afterpay and Amazon) to Insurance (AIG, Cigna) and Banking (UBS, Standard Chartered Bank), Nic has been there and done that.

Craig Sullivan

Principal Software Engineer

Craig is an engineer who enjoys distilling complex ideas into delightfully simple architectures. He understands how technologies, people and organisations evolve and that creating lasting successful businesses starts with empathy for customers and the people he works with.

Andrew Buntine

Lead Software Engineer

Over the past 16 years, through his work with many organisations large and small, Andrew has developed a strong technical proficiency across many programming languages, tools and techniques. As an empathetic and courageous leader, Andrew knows that a good team is a happy team.